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Glow Cushion SPF50 PA+++

Flawless coverage, Long wear, Moisturizing Freshness, Anti-Wrinkle and Rich Nourishment with SPF50+ PA+++. Comes with 3 different shades: 21 for light skin, 23 for light to medium, 25 for medium skin.


What’s it good for?

✔️ Dry


✔️ Combination

✔️ Sensitive

✔️ Mature


Look no further for a makeup cushion that comes with skincare benefits because with our BESOMA Perfecting Glow Cushion, your skin will be flawless from the inside out. Infused with amazing antioxidant properties and skin benefit ingredients, this long-wearing, beautiful, light-to-medium coverage cushion minimizes visible signs of aging, leaves skin looking bright and luminous while protecting with SPF50.


This Perfecting cushion also reduces pore sizes, wrinkles and dull complexion. Moisture is also restored by 60% upon immediate application leaving skin so soft, supple and plumped for a younger, youthful looking skin. Your complexion is revived for a naturally radiant skin. You have found your best skincare makeup in a compact.


--- WHY ---

Pearl Extract: Helps with regeneration of collagen, healing of acne, removal of fine lines, wrinkles, freckles and dicolouration, and slowing down aging.


Propolis Extract: Propolis is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which can help to reduce the appearance of dark spots. Additionally, propolis can help to brighten the skin and even out the skin tone.


Centella Asiatica: The anti-inflammatory properties increase hydration and help soothe and repair dry, red, irritated skin. It also boosts circulation and has been shown to increase collagen production, improving skin firmness and elasticity.


Sakura extract (Cherry Blossom) Prunus Serrulata Extract: Antioxidants help repair skin, prevent sun damage and brighten skin tone. The anti-inflammatory properties of sakura help reduce redness, swelling, and UV damage that shows in dark spots and uneven skin tone. Essential fatty acids contained in sakura increase skin hydration and reduce fine lines. 


BESOMA enhances your natural beauty


Pregnancy related info:

As with anything during pregnancy, you should consult with your doctor or OBGYN about whether you can use any product. All of our besoma products are generally safe but we like to advise our customers to look further for their own peace of mind and decide. 


Formulated in USA lab

Packaged and made in Korea

Net weight: 12G / 0.42 oz