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Camellia Glow Face Oil

Can be used day and night. Need only 1-2 drops.


Directions: Cleanse, use pads (when it's the night to use), apply serum, apply oil then apply moisturizer. Or apply serum then mix oil 1-2 drops to your moisturizer or night cream. Or use after moisturizer by pressing it into the skin. Use gentle pressing motions. Can be used under makeup or mix with your favorite foundation for smoothly glow and flawless applciation.


— Let’s get into our BESOMA Camellia Glow Face Oil—


For all skin types

✔️ Dry, very dry

✔️ Oily / Acne prone

✔️ Sensitive

✔️ Mature

✔️ Normal

✔️ Combination

✔️ Perfect for healing post acne scars


Camellia Oil is known for its ability to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin. This nourishing oil has been treasured by Japanese women and the ancient Geisha's for centuries. Camellia oil contains high levels of essential fatty acids, which help replenish the skin’s barrier and prevent water loss, protecting it from UV and environmental damage.


Here are some of our BESOMA Camellia Glow Face Oil benefits to your skin:

• helps promotes skin elasticity

• stimulates skin’s collagen

• moisturizes and hydrates dry skin

• improves complexion of the skin

• controls sebum production, reduces oil

• is non-comedogenic (suitable for oily/acne prone skin)

• heals acne scars and reverses existing damages

• helps minimize the appearance of scars

• brightens and enhances glow from within

• nourishes and revitalizes skin for youthful skin

• reduces fine lines and wrinkles

• perfect as primer before makeup or mix with makeup foundation for smooth and flawless application

• perfect for using before and after moisturizer or for mixing with any face creams like day or night cream, sunscreen, body lotion and any kind of moisturizer to boost their effectiveness

• applys on nails and cuticles for healthy nails.


Apply on hands for soft and hydrated skin. Apply at the end of the hair to seal split ends.



Slip into something soothing. Our BESOMA Camellia Glow Face Oil is a luxurious blend of Camellia oil, Camellia leaf oil, Grapeseed Oil and Sunflower Oil that feels fierce on the face. Weightless and fresh, does not feel sticky or thick at all, this soothing face oil is packed with moisture-boosting fatty acids and antioxidants to help prevent dryness and protect your skin from environmental pollutants.


Why Camellia Seed Oil? Our formula is rich in Vitamins A, B, D & E to help brighten your skin and reduce the signs of aging. This oil does it all -- you can use it on your face, hair, and body. Use it before your makeup routine to prep and moisturize your skin, or on its